Florida Golden Gloves State Championships | Brackets Now Posted


Florida Golden Gloves is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides excellent opportunities for amateur boxers to gain experience, demonstrate their hard-work and years of training, and allows them to network with peers, coaches, and sponsors.

We hold multiple annual tournaments for amateur boxers across the state of Florida. These tournaments act as stepping stones to bigger endeavors such as the Olympics and a professional boxing career.

Florida Golden Gloves is a franchise of the National Golden Gloves. The National Golden Gloves (“Golden Gloves of America, Inc.”) is the National Organization for Golden Gloves in the United States. The Organization currently consists of 30 Franchises that have designated Franchise territories in which they conduct their competitions. Franchises are awarded to local organizations interested in the promotion and betterment of amateur boxing.

We strive to continue the advancement of young athletes in their pursuit of boxing and have a strong passion for the art of boxing itself.

Upholding a Tradition of Prestige Since 1928.